for Indonesian Inspirits


Because this blog is about the awesomest boyband in the universe namely Infinite and they’re consist of 7 people :]

Why are you doing this?
Because we got nothing but love, and we want nothing but to spread the Infinite loves.

As of now, INFINI7E is only consist of one person. I handle everything, from technical/blog problems, news finder/translator (unfortunately I only understand English and Bahasa Indonesia :|), pictures and videos finder, and basically everything involve in this blog. I will make sure INFINI7E is as uptodate as possible but please do forgive me if I miss some news/pics/videos due to my real-life reasons. Obviously I’m not 24/7 on my computer.
INFINI7E will recruit some staffs in the future, so if you are interested to be part of INFINI7E, please look forward to it. *hint!hint: especially you awesome people who speak Korean and/or Chinese :]*
Thanks for dropping by, Inspirits!

Follow us on twitter: @INFINI7E
Ask us: INFINI7E@onioning
E-mail: infiniteinvasion[at]gmail[dot]com

(You can write to us either in English or Bahasa Indonesia)



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